Tim Pelham



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Mercury Fallen

Active Development
Unity Engine C# Blender 3DSMax Substance Painter/Designer Photoshop

Scifi Colony survival / God Game similar in style to Dungeon Keeper II and Rimworld. Visit Website

  • Currently in development in C# using Unity Game Engine
  • Procedural world generation using heightmaps / Cellular Automata
  • Created custom component system (separate from Unitys) that loads data definitions from XML for modding ability.
The Pharmacist: Oxywars Thumbnail

The Pharmacist: Oxy Wars / Blue Plague

Unity Engine C# iOS Android

First person zombie shooter available for Android and iOS created using Unity Game Engine.

  • Took project from early prototype to final distribution using pre-existing 3D art content provided by client.
  • Responsible for all coding including pathfinding, ai, user interface, weapons and data management.
  • Minor Art contribution with weapon animations, user interface and logo.
  • Worked closely with client to ensure requirements and expectations were met.
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NuVera Online

2007 - 2016
Unity Engine C# C++ Java Javascript PHP/MySQL SmartFox 2.x Photoshop 3DSMax Blender

NuVera Online was a 3D online social virtual world created from the ground up using Unity and SmartFox.

  • Using C#/Javascript developed and maintained a virtual online world include local client, editor, website and servers.
  • Developed method of importing custom 2D/3D content in to Unity at runtime from data servers.
  • Created custom editor software, using Unity, which allowed users to customize and upload content to the online store including models, environments, clothing, skins and more.
  • Extensive art requirements including world/terrain building, architecture, props, UI and more.
  • Managed back end linux servers as well as created/managed custom MySql databases and custom SmartFox Java plugins.
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Unity Asset Store

2012 - Current
Unity Engine C# 3DSMax Photoshop Substance Painter/Designer

Under my personal business Nitrous Butterfly I have created and continue to maintain several assets for sale on the Unity Asset Store. These include code kits as well as several art content packs.

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3Com Global Security Systems Engineer

Linux PHP MySql Flash Picture Perfect Physical Security

Joined 3Com security as entry level security officer. After 6-8 months rose to Global Security Systems Engineer where I was responsible for managing physical security servers and infrastucture.

  • Managed Picture Perfect Server which handled badge info as well as physical security infrastructure
  • Created 3SE Portal internal web application for managing security officer logs, daily activity/camera reports and more.
  • Created an ergonomics training module in Flash
  • Flown to Hemel Hempstead, England to setup custom security operations center at satellite office to ensure system redundancy.
  • Worked with contract services for remote installation of cameras, security door hardware and badge printing.
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Alien Defense

Custom Engine C++ SDL 3DSMax Photoshop

Top Down arcade style space shooter created using a custom 2D engine that I wrote in C++ called Enerva.

  • Created a custom game engine from scratch including particle systems, data handling and custom UI system.
  • Built custom level editor
  • Assisted in artwork and level creation.
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Sole Survivor

Multimedia Fusion 3DSMax Photoshop C

Sole Survivor is a top down, vertical scrolling arcade style space shooter created in Multimedia Fusion.

  • Created 3D models and effects and rendered to sprites for in game static and animated elements
  • Used Multimedia Fusion 1.5 to create level layouts and scripted interactions
  • Created a custom audio plugin for Multimedia Fusion to play back .wav/.ogg files
  • Wrote dialog and created custom sound effects.
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NB ColorExt for Unity Engine

Unity Engine 3DSMax Photoshop C#

The NB Color Ext is a set of C# extension methods for the Unity Game Engine Color class to add easy conversion to/from Html HEX and HSV color values.

  • C# Extension methods for converting Unity Color to/from Html Hex/HSV.
  • Available as free utility script on GitHub.
  • NBColorExt Demo
Cave In Thumbnail

Cave In

On Hold
Unity 5 C# 3DSMax Photoshop Substance Painter/Designer

First person adventure puzzle game. Project was put on hold.

  • Coded in C# using Unity Game Engine
  • Custom subtitle/localization system built as a custom Unity inspector tool.
  • Created various artwork including environments and props.
  • Originally used PlayMaker Asset before switching over to custom puzzle system.