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Welcome to the portfolio for Tim Pelham, a self-motivated and hard working coder and artist. Here you can find information about my game and app development projects as well as my 3D art portfolio. Certainly contact me regarding job opportunities, feedback or just to say hello.


My greatest passion is learning new software and attempting new and interesting projects. I'm a lover of technology, 3D art and video games. Wolfenstein 3D and Doom/Doom II were the first games where I created custom levels/art and started down the road of game development.

As games advanced, so did I, and I got a copy of 3D Studio R4 for DOS and started creating 3D artwork. After creating Nitrous Butterfly I was involved in creating Sole Survivor and later created a custom 2D game engine, in C++ using SDL, to create Alien Defense.

I was also involved in NuVera Online which was the biggest project I've ever worked on. This involved not only coding/art, but extensive website design. I've spent a great deal of time working with MySql, PHP, HTML and javascript.

I'm a self taught programmer and artist and love learning new software and methods of creating great content. I'm very interested in getting more connected with others in the industry.


Art Software
3DSMax Blender Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere Substance Painter/Designer
Code/Development Software
Visual Studio PHP Storm Unity3D Unreal Engine 4 Bootstrap Foundation Wordpress
Code/Script Languages
C C++ C# PHP Java Javascript HTML5 CSS3 Lua XML MySQL
Windows Linux Bower Physical Security Operations Picture Perfect CCTV/DVR